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Sarah Spencer
Lead Teacher

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

-Mother Teresa

Background:  I am excited to enter my third year at Sprouts Preschool. I have lived in the Tri-Cities for the past 11 years with my husband, Matt, and have two children, Riley and Lauren and our new puppy, Cleo.  I have had many jobs previously including working for a chocolate company, agricultural research center, and even an emu ranch! I went to college at Central Washington University and Washington State University earning degrees in both Management and Human Resources. The best thing about teaching preschool is not only the fun we have but how refreshing young children are in their honesty, love, and excitement to learn.

What I like most about the Sprouts Preschool: People at Hillspring know how to have fun and laugh!

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

AHA Moment: Motherhood. Having children changed my perspective on life in a millisecond; even the most mundane moments can be amazing.

Book I would recommend: Ish by Peter H. Reynolds


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