Grimelda Sanchez
Congregational Care / Visitation

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” 

Matthew 6:33

Background: Grimelda was born and raised in Mexico and moved to Washington as a teenager. She gave her life to Christ in a small Hispanic church and got deeply involved ever since.  She married the love of her life, Moses and has three energetic children with, Aaron, Eli and Milania.

As a Pastor of Congregational Care, she feels privileged to minister to people of different backgrounds, stages of life and most importantly how God brings them together as one. One of her greatest passions is to pray for people in need, encourage and connect them with Christ through visitation. She loves how Hillspring’s Community shows love and compassion towards the less fortunate.

Favorite Movie: The Wedding Planner

AHA! Moment: Moses and I were at the park during a church event and while we were holding hands and praying, I happened to look down and noticed a beautiful diamond wedding ring right at his toe. After weeks of trying to find the owner and didn’t, I decided to keep it. I realized then, that God doesn’t just love me but spoils me.