Sarah Spencer
Lead Teacher

“It is what it is.”

– Unknown

Background: I am thrilled to join 
the Sprouts preschool team this year! I have had many jobs previously including working for a chocolate company, agricultural research center and even an emu ranch! I went to college at WSU and have degrees in Management & Human Resources. The best thing about teaching is sharing and learning about everyone’s gifts in a safe and supportive environment, and having FUN! If I were not a preschool teacher, I would be a graphic designer.

What I like most about the Sprouts Preschool: People at Hillspring know how to have fun and laugh!

Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo

AHA Moment: Motherhood. Having children changed my perspective on life in a millisecond; even the most mundane moments can be amazing.

Book I would recommend: Ish by Peter H. Reynolds



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