We recognize your child as a unique gift from God and believe each child grows and develops at his or her own pace.


Sprouts is designed to be rich in opportunity yet flexible enough to meet the needs of each child.

As children mature and advance, they are drawn increasingly into activities that will lead to reading (letters and sound relationships), writing (drawing, easel painting, coloring), and mathematics (numbers, counting, sorting, grouping comparisons, etc.). Children leave Sprouts preschool thoroughly prepared for the academic expectations of Kindergarten.

We offer many activities in art, music, science, literature, dramatic play and cooking/baking, which allow for an endless amount of learning opportunities.

At Sprouts, Children are introduced to the Love of God through our Christian based curriculum and weekly age appropriate Bible stories and songs.




  • We follow the Richland School District for all holidays and service days
  • Classes begin at 9AM and end at 11:30AM.
  • 2 Day Class (3-4 year olds) – Tuesday and Thursday
  • 3 Day Classes (Pre-K 4-5 year olds) – Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 5 Day Class (Pre-K 4-5 year olds) – Monday through Friday



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