Jackie Enge

Background: I have had a very different life than most of the church staff. I have worn many hats in my life. To start off,  I was born in a strict military family (USMC).  We moved very often because of my father’s career.  Being a child of a career Marine I saw the horrors of what war could do to men and families by living on many military bases and volunteering in the hospital burn units during the Vietnam War .  It is something I will never forget being a young girl. When I was a teenager my father became a lobbyist for several military groups in Washington DC and he began lobbying on Capitol Hill, The Senate, Congress and he even met 5 Presidents. I accompanied him on many occasions to special dinners, banquets and other formal events that included senators, congressmen, High ranking military Officers and too many others to mention. My mother was very ill with cancer and unable to attend.  My highlight was meeting the actor, John Wayne.  I was privileged to be a companion for Mr. Wayne, and his younger son Ethan.

My mother was very ill during all my teen years so life was not easy for me.  I married young and was divorced early in my life.  I was a single mother for awhile with a difficult child. So many things had gone bad in my life that I thought God had given up on me so I turned my back on him. I met a wonderful man who happened to fall in love with me and my daughter.  We were married, it’s been 34 years now and we had a daughter together.  We have two awesome grown children,  Michelle 37, and Beth 28. Roby my husband is a retired Commander in the US Navy plus more titles.  I have moved 29 times in my 58 years and seen this beautiful country of ours.  I have had many jobs because of the constant uprooting in my life.  I have done everything from retail, secretarial, medical records tech, emergency room tech,   to my passion- banking ;  where I last held a position at Banner Bank on Gage as Head Teller/Assistant Mgr.  Now, I love working for my church that brought me back to the Lord as their receptionist. I have lived in the Kennewick for 12 years left for 6 yrs to live in Chicago then my husband and I returned to Kennewick to retire here.

Favorite Movie: Quiet Man

AHA! Moment: When our church used to have the Easter play “The Majesty” . I was still learning about a kinder God. In the play it showed the actor who was playing Jesus arising from the tomb after being dead for 3 days. When the stone was rolled back and Jesus stepped out of the tomb, I heard God speak to me! “Yes I died for you too, because I love you.” I have never been the same ever since.  My life was committed back to Christ again at that very second!

Book I Would recommend: Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend