Grimelda Sanchez
Congregational Care / Visitation

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” 

Matthew 6:33

Background: I am passionate about helping people in any way possible. I was born and raised in Mexico and as a teenager my parents immigrated to US seeking a better life. While attending CBC and working, I met the love of my life Moses who I married and have 3 wonderful energetic children with- Aaron, Eli and Milania.

I came in contact with Hillspring when Pastor Dale visited our Hispanic Church, The Salvation Army in downtown Pasco. God had been calling him to reach out to a Hispanic Church and he was led to us. After a year, I was offered a job that created blessings for me, my family, and my community! I have been working for the Hillspring Church close to a decade and I am proud of what I do and who I represent.

What I like most about the Hillspring Church Community: I have grown spiritually and intellectually being part of small groups, where I have built genuine relationships. This has also defined my goals and purposes in life. I admire the love this community has for the less fortunate and is always looking for ways to reach out.

Favorite Movie: The Wedding Planner

AHA! Moment: Moses and I were at the park during a church event and while we were holding hands and praying, I happened to look down and noticed a beautiful diamond wedding ring right at his toe. After weeks of trying to find the owner and didn’t, I decided to keep it. I realized then, that God doesn’t just love me but spoils me.

Book I would recommend: Velvet Elvis