Gabriel Diaz
Youth Pastor

“You can teach what you know, but you’ll reproduce what you are.”


Background: Gabriel was born and raised in beautiful Hawaii on the island of ‘Oahu, nicknamed, The Gathering Place. And, yes, he certainly does know how to surf. His first encounter with Christ was when he was 13 years-old at a youth camp on ‘Oahu’s majestic North Shore. His most vivid memory of that camp was seeing how people of very different backgrounds were together as one in the church, and he loved it.

He graduated from New Hope Christian College in Honolulu, Hawaii with a bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Leadership, and he’s got a huge heart for youth and young adults ministry. Two of his greatest passions in youth and young adults ministry are meeting new people and seeing young people serve and lead. He’s married to his beautiful wife, Autumn, and has one daughter named Aviv.

What I like most about the Hillspring Church Community: I love Hillspring’s appreciation for generational, denominational, racial and gender diversity. That was most important to me when I was looking for a place to raise my family.

Favorite Movie: 500 Days of Summer

AHA! Moment: A teacher once asked me what I wanted to do as a career for the rest of my life. As I told him my life’s vision to be a chef or a carpenter, he laughed at me with ridicule, saying I was too smart to do that. I wasn’t quite sure if I should have responded with insult or inspiration. A thought on career advice I loved hearing people repeat was to do what you love doing. I knew I loved serving God in the church, and the day I realized I could make a career out of serving Him, I had realized I had found something to do that I loved doing.

Book I would recommend: Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro